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Building Construction/Skilled Trades Jobs
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Heavy Equipment Operater


Looking for mechanic who can operate, repair, rebuild, and maintain all types of earthmoving equipment.  The successful candidate will need to have a strong back ground and experience in trouble shooting and repairing equipment hydraulic systems.  The ability to independently and accurately diagnose and repair/rebuild inoperative or malfunctioning equipment is essential. This individual will also provide air conditioning repair and service on an as-needed basis.

The essential functions of this position include the following:  independently and successfully maintain, diagnose, repair, and rebuild heavy equipment in a shop environment; utilize a laptop computer for information and diagnostic purposes; safely assemble and disassemble components and equipment according to the manufacturer's specifications; accurately complete service reports and provide the details to complete work orders; work overtime as required; and maintain tool requirements.  Utilize a laptop computer for information and diagnostics.  Accurately complete service reports.  Work overtime as required.

Position is required to work in an industrial environment which includes exposure to significant environmental conditions. Physical requirements include: overall stamina; sitting; standing; climbing; walking; lifting; pulling and/or pushing; carrying; grasping; reaching; stooping and crouching; listening; and speaking. Mental requirements include general intelligence; motor coordination skills; coordination of eyes, hands, and feet; verbal intelligence; and numerical intelligence. The workplace environmental conditions include subject to noise; heat; cold; injury exposures; and atmospheric exposures. Must be able to lift 50lbs.

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